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Dorade Box - E11 with OMVRA

Dorade Box è uno scrigno sonoro che racchiude suggestioni provenienti da ambiti diversi. Un racconto libero, senza genere, che afferra elementi peculiari di culture diverse per veicolarli in un flusso sonoro fatto di innesti, coesistenze, paesaggi che scorrono tra nord e sud, musica elettronica, ma con radici antiche. In onda ogni primo giovedì del mese su Mondonero, prodotto da Bluemarina. - Dorade Box is a sound box that contains suggestions from different fields. A free story, without genre, which grasps special elements to different cultures to convey them in a sound flow made of grafts, harmony and landscapes that flow between north and south, electronic music, but with ancient roots. Aired every first Thursday of the month on Mondonero, produced by Bluemarina. Manifesto Bluemarina [Born of water,made of water. We are the brethren of migratory dreams,between earth and sea,body and ether,east and west. We inhabit the Mediterranean. Music is our invocation,our dance,our sciamanic rite. Electronic and organic,until the new day.]

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