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The Internet is fragile - with DJ PETTORINA

THE INTERNET IS FRAGILE POSTER MANIFESTO. The thing is that we wanted to share with our friends and hosts what we really feel about their love for this project. We do sincerely respect and have the highest esteem for our hosts for the big diligence and commitment for running their shows on our platform. It may sound a bit ambiguous and dark but THE INTERNET IS FRAGILE it's not just our manifesto, it's a declaration of intent, a belief. Yes, we run our business on the internet, but we don't just want to connect people in LAN parties, we want to use the internet to recover our human values. Remember? People are born to live in community, and we must "upgrade" (to speak the cyber-language) the meaning of it. Curated by Acquatonica Studio, each month a designer will create a new poster - manifesto starting from his own vision. Printed at Press Press Studio, one of the finest's screenprint and risograph studio in Milan.

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